Revolution of Fashion

Revolution of Fashion

It’s just fashion right?

A t-shirt, it was cheap

Can throw it out if I want

Send it to the Op Shop

Give it not another thought

I’m doing good, I’m passing it on

Except the quality is poor

Instead of ending up in someone else’s wardrobe

It sits atop a pile of cloth

Clogging our precious Earth full of more stuff


Our clothes are a privilege did you know?

Women and men die making them

Abuse, little pay, sewing all day

To make us clothes we don’t care about

To give us the fashion we’re so hungry for

New season, new trend, got to keep up

With what’s in the magazines

Must have what those influencers are telling me

Is the next best thing to hang in my wardrobe

Swing tag still attached,

Wear it once and throw it out

As long as I have that perfect shot on Instagram

To let the world know I’m up with it

I’m all over the newest of the new

Just look at my squares they will tell you so


Who made my clothes?


Someone told me that people still make clothes with their hands

Like a real living person, not a machine

Apparently they don’t get paid or treated fair

They probably don’t even get a break

Or take home enough money to feed their family

But their boss, the man who doesn’t know their name

Just wants them to keep sewing all day.

Must keep up with the demand of the West

Their greed for fashion

The wanting it now

The needing it yesterday


Fashion, the world’s dirtiest secret


The Revolution is happening

People are asking the questions

We want better, we want fairer

Everyone deserves to be safe

In the place that they work

Making the clothes on our backs


It’s time to lift the veil


Transparent supply chains

Fair pay, why not?

Living wages, surely we can

If Rana Plaza taught us anything

It’s that people deserve to be safe in their place of work

Deserve a fair go, a voice and recognition

People to think about the hours it took

To sew that piece of fabric into a dress

To hack your jeans for that new season worn look


Next time you go to buy a piece of clothing

Think about the hands that made it

Question if you really need it

Do you love it enough to keep it forever?

Would you pass it on to a friend or your darling daughter?

If the answer is no

Leave it on the rack

Our Earth is choking

Production needs to slow down

Look in your wardrobe

You never know what you might find

Something you could swap with a friend

Repair or upcycle


Fashion Revolution

Revolution of Fashion

The time is now

And we all have the power to make a difference.


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